ABS Door

The Merits of ABS Door


  • ABS door can resist up to 90'C directly and 120'C indirectly.
  • ABS door that has superior durability, glass, painting and also resistible to moisture and water.
  • ABS door has great resistibiity to moisture that it does not have any side effects such as crack, raises or moulds, which make it easy to use in bathrooms.
  • The color does not fade even with long term use.
  • Since the ABS Sheet and PBC Printing Sheet are put together using hot pressing, without any remaing glue, it does not fall off after use for a long period. Also, there are no scents or harm body during production or construction, because there is no adhesive or antiseptics used.
  • When there is dirt or foreign substances in use, it can be easily removed using a damp cloth.
  • Due to the use of honeycomb inside the door, sound absorption is superior and is suitable for indoor doors.
  • Furthermore, it is environmental friendly and also is a great asset to the preservation of Mother Nature.