Vinyl and Carpet

Specification of Korea Vinyl Floor Tile


Vinyl Floor Tile predicates bright and pure image representing the beauty and modern style.As a luxurious floor covering designed for both commercial and resident use, it will bring more refined and comfortable world.

There are three types of Vinyl Floor Tile.

  • ECO Art Tile   ( No Need Glue )
  • Vinyl Wood Tile ( Need Glue )
  • Vinyl Square Tile ( Need Glue )




Variety Design

By using variety patterns and differentiated designs, customers can express their styles.Standardized products by the most cutting-edge facilities.Producing products by the most cutting-edge facilities and standard, it takes a short time to constructs and directs variety shapes.


Superior Durability

By reinforcing surface layer of products, it ensures wear resistance, scratch resistance and pollution resistance and can be applied to home, business and the other variety places.


Installation Notice

  • The surface of the floor must be completely dry.
  •  Ensure that the floor surface is flat and level.
  • Use only adhesives.
  • Keep the tiles on the flat surface to keep it from warping.
  • The products are careful of any flame.

Eco Art Tile

Vinyl Wood Tile

Vinyl Square Tile

Carpet Tile